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Sweaty feets

Adult feet produce a 1/4 of a cup of sweat a day

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First toy advertised on TV

Mr. Potato head  was the first toy advertised on TV

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Beards in ZZ Top

the only guy without a Beard in ZZ top has the surname Beard

funny facts fear of cooking

The fear of cooking

Mageirocophobia is the fear of cooking

funny facts largest choir

Largest choir

the largest choir was 160,000 people

funny facts DNR bannana

50 percent of DNA

Humans share about 50 percent of DNA with bananas

Medicine in the 1830 funny fact

Medicine in the 1830′s

Ketchup was sold as medicine in the 1830′s

Longest book title fun fact

Longest book title

The Longest book title is 670 words long

Hitlers idea fun fact

Hitlers idea

The beatle was Hitlers idea

Human heart fun fact

Human heart

The average heart will beat 3,000,000,000 times in a lifetime

without a head fun fact

18 months without a head

Chicken survived 18 months without a head

Lemon vs strawberry fun fact

Lemon vs strawberry

In equal quantity a lemon has more sugar then a strawberry

Who sleeps 22 hours a day fun fact

Who sleeps 22 hours a day

Koala bear sleep 22 hours a day

A girls best friends fun fact

A girls best friends

You can make diemonds out of tequila

as much as men fun fact

4 times as much as men

women cry 4 times as much as men

First product with a barcode fun fact

First product with a barcode

The first product with a barcode was wrigley’s gum

A new born kangaroo fun fact

A new born kangaroo

A new born kangaroo is small enough to fit in a teaspoon

The most common lie fun fact

The most common lie

The most common lie is – i’m fine

Elvis natural hair colour fun fact

Elvis natural hair colour

Elvis was naturally blonde

Planet rotation fun fact

Planet rotation

All planets rotate anti-clock wise, except venus

Msseed up stnecene fun fact

Msseed up stnecene

We can udnretsnad any msseed up stnecene as lnog as the lsat and frsit lteers of wdros are in crrcoet plaece!

Yo-Yo fun fact

Yo-Yo was originaly used as

The Yo-Yo was originaly used as a weapon

Backrub google fun fact


Google was originally named ‘Backrub’

cup of coffee fun fact

Warm a cup of coffee

If you shout for 8 years, 7 months and 6 days you would produce enough energy to warm a cup of coffee

Titanic fun fact


The film Titanic cost more then the Titanic itself

35 tons of food fun fact

35 tons of food

the average person consumes 35 tons of food in their lifetime

Food that doesnt rot fun fact

Food that doesnt rot

The only food that doesn’t rot is honey

Lost letters fun fact

Lost letters

14.4 million letters are lost in the mail every year

Fear of going to bed fun fact

Fear of going to bed

Clinophobia is the fear of going to bed

Human teath fun fact

Human teath

Teeth are the strongest substance in the body

Blue moon fun fact

Blue moon

A blue moon comes once every 2.7 years

Boo cow fun fact


A coward was a boy who took care of cows

Shortest war fun fact

Shortest war

The shortest war was 38 minutes long

Struck by lightning fun fact

Struck by lightning

Men are more likely to get struck by lightning then women

The worlds oldest dog fun fact

The worlds oldest dog

The worlds oldest dog died at the age of 29

Nose prints fun fact

Nose prints

Nose prints are used to identify dogs – like humans use fingerprints